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With your help, we can continue to advance community wealth creation and interrupt the exploitation of workers in Santa Ana by providing resources for democratic governance and cooperativism practiced by the most affected residents.

Cooperacion Santa Ana builds on decades of organizing for economic independence and community empowerment, fighting to ensure that all of our neighbors have the choice to take control of their own economic destiny. Since 2019, we have reached hundreds of participants in our workshops and trainings, and have supported the launch of five worker-owned businesses in Southern California, impacting families and entire communities.

We could not do this work without the support of our generous donors. Together we can build a strong, locally owned shared economy, where products and services are created with dignity and respect for the people who work them and the planet that sustains us. Make a donation today!*

*Making a large donation?

Our processor takes a percentage of donations made online as a fee. When you make a large donation, the fee is higher. Consider donating via check** or Facebook instead to ensure 100% of your gift goes to Cooperacion Santa Ana. Email for more information.

** Checks payable to Cooperacion Santa Ana, 1505 E 17th St Ste117, Santa Ana, CA 92705


Thank you for your donation!

Fiscal transparency

Cooperacion Santa Ana presents our most recent financial documents here. 990s for the previous year are filed by November of the current year.

  • You can find our Form 1023, our application to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit, here.

  • You can find our tax return for fiscal year 2022 here.

  • You can find our tax return for fiscal year 2021 here.

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