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Cooperacion Santa Ana offers training, coaching and incubation, and organizes a cooperative network and a fund governed by Orange County cooperatives. We believe that worker cooperatives offer an asset creation opportunity for those who may not be eligible for employment or lack access to capital, and that the deep-rooted democracy in cooperatives transforms entire communities and local economies.


Worker cooperatives are value-driven companies that put the benefit of workers and the community at the center of their purpose. They are owned and controlled by their workers, and are found in numerous industries. Cooperatives are often thought of as small, but they can be quite large. Cooperative Home Care Associates in the Bronx, New York, the nation's largest worker-owned cooperative, employs 2,300 (90% of them women of color) and generated 2013 revenue of $64 million.


Our current economic system generates extreme wealth and social inequality, contributes to our dire climate crisis, and an alternative is urgently needed. Community wealth creation is a systems approach to economic development that creates an inclusive and sustainable economy based on locally rooted and widely held ownership.


This work is by the community, for the community.

Here are some ways to join the cooperative movement and the solidarity economy in Santa Ana:


CooperAccion 2025

Introductory Curriculum for Worker Cooperatives

Participate in our intensive "CooperAccion" course: 12 consecutive sessions for people interested in creating or strengthening their business cooperatively, where all workers are owners. If you have a business that you want to grow, or a business idea that you want to formalize, a worker cooperative can be a great option. We will be offering introductory workshops throughout 2024 and our full course will next be offered in 2025. Sign up on our interest list and we will get in touch with you soon to discuss your idea for a local coop.

Our Coalitions

  • National Childcare Cooperative Alliance
  • California Worker Owner Collaborative
  • Orange County Cooperative Network and Sharing Fund​
  • Regenerative Economy, Santa Ana Shared Financing For Community Ownership


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